To Tan or Not To Tan

There used to be a time when people would go to the tanning salon and spend hours on a sun bed in an effort to look great. This type of tanning has decreased massively over recent years as health concerns of sunbed safety have made more and more people turn to fake tanning.


Fake tanning products, or sunless tanning, have become more and moe popular and prevalent. Celebrities are also seemingly embracing the fake tan revolution and this transfers into the masses as social media spread the work instantly and across massive numbers of potential users.

Spray tanning has become very popular, both at tanning salons and also mobile professionals, who can buy and use mobile kits that can be bought quite cheaply and can lead to quite a profitable business. The beauty of the treatment is that it wears off so you’ll always have repeat customers if you do a great job. the mobility factor is also great as some customers will feel a lot more comfortable in their own home.

A further alternative comes in the form of creams and lotions. These are freely and readily available both online and offline. This is a massive industry and the competition is keeping prices down and more than affordable. The size of the industry means that there is an enormous range available and colour options are as varied as those offered on make up counters. This will help you to match your skin type, preference or desire.

If the worst should happen you can always wash it off – maybe after a couple of days of embarrassment or staying indoors. Modern tanning salons have embraced change and as well as offering safer and more regulated methods of traditional tanning sun beds  they also offer the majority of the alternative methods too and they’ll always be happy to discuss the best options available to you.


The Time and The Place

There really is no perfect time or place to get engaged that is going to appeal to everyone. The beauty of falling in love is that two people only every do it for their own personal reasons. No two people will have had the same history, the same experiences or even the same highs and lows in their relationship.

will you marry me poster

Multiple Choice Proposal Options!

So, when the man (or these days the woman too) is trying to think of the perfect time to for a marriage proposal can be a tricky process but yet maybe you are trying too hard and over analysing.

Try and think of your joint experiences together. A location that means a lot to both of you, not just one of the other. Remember that both of you need to be relaxed and happy so a mutually beneficial location is ideal. Maybe a place you both always dreamed of visiting, on a dream holiday, or the restaurant where you had a first date.

The clichĂ© dates, such as Valentines Day or New Years Eve aren’t the only days of the year. Be a bit different but at the end of the day your date will come to have its own significance anyway – assuming she says yes obviously!

Getting the engagement ring right is always a great added bonus. The increasing amount of online retailers is helping to drive prices down, particularly for diamond rings and precious metal bands too. So whether you prefer a classic Asscher cut diamond or a more modern precious stone set on a white gold band there is plenty of choice available to suit all budgets.

At the end of the day this is one moment in the rest of your life together. If they are going to say yes they’ll say it in the supermarket car park and if they’re going to say no they’ll say it at the top of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by red roses and a sky writer. Love conquers all!

The Fridges are Coming

Fridges are getting smarter and they are coming to take over your kitchen! Well maybe not take over but certainly start to talk to your other appliances more anyway. They are joining the internet of things revolution as our homes becomes more and more connected. Big brands are developing and innovating at an alarming rate in order to bring the consumer the coolest and freshest ideas to us first!

the samsung smart family hub refigerator

Smarter than the average Fridge!

The big players such as Samsung are perhaps a few steps ahead as their smart technology already exists and thrives in their TVs and phones on the mass market. This makes it a lot easier to integrate their technology into an internet refrigerator and also to win the confidence and belief of customers.

Samsung aren’t the only brands entering into this competitive market though. LG are innovating constantly with smart internal design and this will evolve seamlessly into the connectivity space. Bosch and Siemens are also due to launch their wi-fi enabled appliances at trade shows this year.

As well as promoting the ability to interact with the user the actual fridge based food related innovation is exciting to behold. Sensors have been designed to optimise temperature, humidity and air circulation. This boosts the ultimate goal – keep food fresher for longer.

External design and appearance is of equal importance. Sleek and stylish is the way forward with the efficiency of space and energy also meaning a lot to both manufacturers and consumers. Simple factors such as hiding hinges and double door capabilities add both aesthetic and convenience points.

Smart technology continues to stampede into our lives and as consumers to competitive edge in the industry will always be an advantage as prices will be driven down as the big brands fight for our hard-earned money. This is a lucrative industry that lends itself to evolution and innovation in equal measure, and there are exciting times ahead.

Scooter Technology

Manual scooters have seen a massive surge of interest over the last 10 or 15 years. The scooters of the 80s were pretty much a piece of plastic with 2 wheels, sold as seen by major retailer toy sections. Fast forward to the modern-day and it’s a totally different story.

Todays scooter is a feat of modern technology that is sold to an increasingly hungry, savvy and discernible consumer that is demanding of more and more. Big brands have emerged to excel in the market, brands such as Razor, Ozzbozz, JD Bug and Blunt; offering more and more innovation and development without compromising on quality or safety,

The stunt scooters of today have to be the best. The professional competitors that rely on them demand it. Customers will pay a lot of money for the top end scooters of the top brands and massive sponsorship deals can rely heavily on their performance and success.

Innovative features such as competition level hand grips, more reactive braking, narrower footplates and heightened responsive steering and control are built-in as standard. The wheels can also be customised with high-end bearings for improved performance and can also be customised visually striking graphics and branding.

Red and Black JD Bug stunt scooter

Away from the top end of the market the major players all have ranges that cater for virtually all levels and abilities of scooter riders. These are designed for children as young as a few years old and have the added advantage of being able to be adjusted (to a limit!) to grow with kids. The ease of making adjustments and improvements also means that they can easily be built to the exact specifications of the individual.

Whatever level you might be at with your scooter never compromise on safety. A helmet is a must. Elbow pads and knee pads are pretty important too – even the professionals wear them so kit up before you push-off.

Local Limo Hire

As the summer approaches more and more limousine companies will be gearing up for one of the busiest times of year. This is due to to massive amounts of schools, colleges and universities that are seeing their pupils leave, get their exam results and graduate.

The summer prom had become a massive event globally with thousands looking for the perfect limo to hire to travel in style to their venue. Limo rental has come a long way in the past 10 years or so. The variety of luxury cars on offer has increased enormously. Gone are the days when you could just hire a plain old black stretch limo, those days are long gone. Big brand manufacturers aren’t immune to having limos either – although they don’t excatly come off the production line. These include BMW, Jaguar and Lexus to name but three.

A white Lexus Limousine

It’s a Limo and a Lexus!

The present day sees a plethora of options including hummer limos, SUV limousines, pink ones, white ones and even lamborghini limos are available. The great thing about these prestige motors is that they can usually fit loads of passengers in them which makes limo hire more affordable as you can easily spread the costs between everyone.

All limousine services will offer a professional and highly trained driver. On top of that there are loads of extras that you can add to your package that will help to make the journey to your prom one to remember. The top end cars are equipped with great sounds systems, DVDs and TVs, light displays and also drinks and snacks for everyone.


Most hire companies will work on an hourly basis but for weddings and other longer periods half day and full day rates will be available too. The best things to do will be to contact your local limo hire company and ask about their rates – book early to avoid disappointment!

Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming more and more important to ranking local businesses in the search resultsLocal search is the future. If you couple that with the increasing importance of having a mobile friendly website it is now getting more and more critical to have a site that is tuned into the benefits of search engine optimisation.

This is big business. Google have recently launched a new update in which they themselves highlight the importance of having a mobile friendly site. SEO is a the best way to stop abreast of updates and changes. Local business and service providers need to take note because if they don’t they may find themselves plummeting down the search engine results as their competitors move in the other direction.

There are now 2 distinct types of search results. The mobile version, facilitated by the increasing reliance of search on mobiles, tablets and smart devices and also the desktop search. Mobile compatibility is important for both sets of results as Google will see a mobile friendly site as being a better solution for it’s customers and will treat it as such.

For the local business this means there is a need to adapt. The quality of the website message or service provision is of little consequence if no-one ever finds the site. It is important that local business owners are prepared to adapt and take a long term view to the online presence of their livelihood, often built up over many years.

SEO can be complicated for local business owners

The difficulty will always be persuading tradesman to buy into the importance of these SEO changes as many are very much used to traditional offline advertising. It is the people that are prepared to be flexible and sensible in their approach to their ongoing marketing and advertising, and search engine optimisation that will reap the long term gains.

Local SEO is here to stay and it will form the foundations for online and smart phone search for years to come.